6073 NW 167th ST Suite C8 Hialeah, 33015 contact@theasylumstudios.com

About Us


Asylum Studios is a state of the art creative facility that offers a full HD recording studio and a fully equipped photography/videography studio. We accommodate all of our guest with a professionally trained audio engineer and/or photographer if required, and full access to our lounge and recreation room. This is a home for the creatively ill, and only those mental enough to pursue there passion of artistry are admitted inside.

Our Team

Kevin Bonilla

Lead Photographer/Head of Photography Department

Kevin Kaige

Photographer/Co-Head of Photography Department

Justin Howard

Live Band Rehearsal Space Operator/Photographer

About the Owner

Asylum's owner/founder ill-logicz is a Miami born and raised independent songwriter/artist that has been composing music since the age of 15. For the majority of his young career, like most musicians, he pursued what he thought was his only way into the industry; a record deal. At the age of 18, he began writing songs with multi-grammy producer Tony Kelly who would later introduce him to the owner of Metronome Records and get him to feature with Ky-Mani Marley.

After a fallout with Metronome, ill-logicz jumped back into the scouting phase. Shortly after, he found himself featured on a BET exclusive series called "My One Shot". Around the same time, a Miami based record label, Moguls, began negotiating and working with the young star. But, like the deal before that, the "fine print" was not in the interest of ill-logicz, and what's worst, he was dropped soon after from the BET series.

At this moment, he realized he had 3 choices left; he could continue to pursue what he and many other musicians have been chasing for most of there young careers, quit the music industry once and for all, or fully adopt the idea of carving his own lane as an independent artist. "ill" decided to go with option C, and in doing so he realized his next step was to create a place where he could grow a team and his artistry.

Thus, Asylum Studios was born. He opened up the establishment and brought together a team of creatives to help him run what is now the heart of a soon-to-be empire.